Rekarb Maple Box (24 units)

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It has been well demonstrated for several years that the intake of carbohydrates during prolonged effort improves sports performance. Moreover, it has been observed that the longer the effort is prolonged, the higher the quantity of carbohydrates per hour of effort.

The capacity of our muscles to store carbohydrates varies from one individual to another. Generally speaking, after 45 minutes of intense cardiovascular effort, our body must begin to draw carbohydrates from the liver and transform fats into energy, which takes much longer to achieve than absorbing fast carbohydrates. The simple carbohydrates contained in maple syrup are quickly metabolized and available to the muscles.

Before Activity: You had a good snack or meal two hours before your activity; you can start your workout without carbohydrates. You are the morning of the race and had breakfast 3 or even 4 hours before the race? Your level of stress and time has taken its toll on your carbohydrate reserves and it would be good to take a snack 10 to 15 minutes before the start of the race, accompanied by water of course! Hydration is imperative to properly assimilate carbohydrates.

During the effort: The absorption of simple carbohydrates from maple is very fast. Athletes generally feel the effect in less than 10 minutes. You can either wait until you begin to feel muscle fatigue before consuming your energy syrup, or take it as a preventive measure every 30 to 40 minutes. Everything is related to the constitution of athletes and their level of training and intensity of effort. The eating strategy will not be the same for a marathon in the spring on flat ground as an ultra trail in the mountains in June! The best advice, always validate our training strategy and don't try anything new on "D" day!

After the effort: It is recommended to recharge glycogen stores within 30 minutes of physical activity. It is also recommended to consume protein to help repair muscle fibers.