New Balance M 1500 YO3

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Where some race day flats forgo support for an unbearable lightness of sole that never seems quite right, the 1500v3 come out of the need for resiliency. By becoming one of the few racing flats that offers a medial post for added support, New Balance does the near impossible: renews durability to the lightweight mindset. The upgrades are minimal- the revamped upper has the fit, the feel and even the look, but then the comes the stickier outsole for improved traction, an improvement for your own personal balance that seems neither flashy, nor gimmicky, just a modest upgrade from previous versions that gets you realistically thinking about wearing them for either a 5k, a marathon or anything in between. And although the overall style isn't a radical departure from what we've come to expect from the lightweight category, the shoe's worked on its previous incarnation shortcomings the way most of us work on our endurance, which means it's comfortable to wear for the first step and the tenth mile. Next thing you know it'll be a marathon.