Radical Tour Grit 2024

By Head


The Radical Tour GR is made for the powerful player who needs stability as well. In addition to its graphite hitting surface, it features the new Control Stabilizer Technology (CST) for added stability during powerful rallies. HEAD's Graphite Hitting Surface (GHS) combines a crisp feel and more control for added touch, while the Comfort Grip System ensures a tremendous feel and enhanced vibration dampening. 

Matériaux                PP + CF
Épaisseur                 15 mm / 3/5 in
Poids                        225 g / 7.9 oz
Longueur                 408 mm / 16 in
Largeur                    198 mm / 7 7/8 in
Taille du manche     105 mm / 4 1/8 in